Not Me!

This was my first picture book project during the MA course, and became my first published book in 2010! Most of my story ideas come from life experiences and Not Me! was no exception. I was at the fireworks with some of my classmates when my friend, Laura, bought a toffee apple. She was struggling to eat it so tried to throw it in the bin…..the apple flew off in the wrong direction and hit a man on the leg! (I should point out at this stage that the man wasn’t hurt at all). Anyway, he turned round to see Laura still holding the toffee apple stick and looking very guilty. “It wasn’t me!” she blurted out. This got me thinking about the antics a group of children could get up to while denying any involvement….and Not Me! was born.

Not Me! was shortlisted for the Cambridgeshire Read It Again Award, the Heart of Hawick Picture Book Award, the Nottingham Children’s Book Award and the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards.